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Coming this Halloween!

Something Spook-tacular is coming your way...

This Half Term our Halloween Scare Night is back! Get ready to be scared by Mummies, terrified by Zombies, all while playing your favourite Laser Tag games. For the low price of £25pp - we will be playing large scenario games and rarely before played fields. Games include "Hunt the Killer" and "Pumpkin Panic". We will have staff dressed up and strongly reccomend fancy dress for your little ones!

The world is coming to an end. Millions are dead! The country is bordered in  - with quarantine check points. Engulfing Zombie Hoards roam the wilderness. Will you join the resistance and Fight!?
Laser Mayhem is proud to present The Zombie Experience. Play our new Town Mission - Battling through the Zombie Hordes. We have the latest in LaserTag technology, the equipment is light and durable - perfect for 7+ years old. With the darkness descending you can join other factions to defeat the Zombie Menace. Book Now
Zombies at Mayhem

Experience a 1.5hour simulation of a zombie outbreak during a combat situation as a chemical weapon that has unexpected side effects that changes the face of battle forever.

Your squadron have been given specific orders, but now find themselves cut off from command and having to fend for themselves, do you try and complete and your missions and reach the extraction point whilst fending off the enemy and the walking dead?  Or do you dig in, and try to ride the situation out?

Set across post-apocalyptic landscapes expertly designed, you will find yourself and your squad armed to the teeth, and dropped into varying missions throughout your session.  You will be surrounded by real tanks, helicopters, planes and much, much more.  Resources will play a key role in these games, and different decisions you and your squad make, will affect the outcome of your day. Fight for survival, or become a meal for the walking dead.  Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS OUT.


  • 25th of October 5-6:30pm

To book your place, please call us on 01708 688517 or click on the button below.

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