Flavia's Blog 20-11-13

My first mayhem experience was extremely welcoming. As I arrived, I was welcomed in, and shown to my table.  As all my friends arrived, one by one they all got signed in by our very own assigned marshal.  Once everyone was signed in, the marshal then took us, so that we could be equipped with our very own camouflage overalls.  These were so that none of our clothes got muddy or ruined on the maps.  They then lead us through to the gunnery, where they fully informed us about the guns that we would be using that day.  As they handed us the guns, they made sure that we were all comfortable and were able to carry them round for the two hours that we would be spending outside.

As we arrived at our first map, they let us know a few safety rules; this was helpful as it prevented any injuries from occurring.  Our first map began with a simple team death-match on a map called Black hawk down.  This map had a crashed aeroplane, giving it a feel that the map had a real background to it.  During the map the marshal was always motivating us, and letting us into mayhem’s secret tactics that helped us win the day.  This enhanced the experience and made the map fully enjoyable; I and my friends had such a fun time.

As the game finished we were then moved onto our next map, which was speedball.  We then came across our first objective game, which was an attack and defend game.  At the end of the round it quickly became apparent, and that Mayhem was an experience that I would never forget.

After a few more maps, games and wins, at the end of the two hour group, we all headed up to the top, so that we could hand our guns back, take off our overalls, and wash our hands, so that we were ready to eat the pizza that we had ordered.  Our assigned marshal was then there to bring us free jugs of juice.  They were always close by, so that if we had any questions they were able to answer them.

As we left laser mayhem, after an extremely entertaining and fun day, we were each handed a mayhem personalised mug. The mayhem experience, was as I’ve said before, one that I would never forget, and fully intend on going many more times.

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Flavia's Blog 20-11-13